to the Symposium on Radiation Chemistry

According to the agreement among Radiation Chemistry Society of Japan, Chinese Radiation Chemistry Society, and Indian Society of Radiation & Photochemistry, it is our pleasure to hold the 4th Asia Pacific Symposium on Radiation Chemistry (APSRC-2012) during Oct.30 - Nov.3, 2012 in Huangshan, Anhui Province, China. APSRC-2012 will be organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Key Laboratory of Soft Matter Chemistry and University of Science & Technology of China (USTC) under the auspices of the Chinese Radiation Chemistry Society. It aims to offer professionals in radiation chemistry and/or related fields a multidisciplinary platform to learn more about the latest scientific updates and current industry development.

The Program Committee has taken great care in setting up a scientific and abundant program that presents basic and applied research in radiation chemistry, new trends and ideas in nanomaterials, biology, and others. The Organizing Committee cordially invites researchers and industry specialists interested in all fundamental and applied aspects of radiation chemistry to participate in APSRC-2012.

We are honored to host this event, and extend the warmest welcome to our friends and colleagues from around the Asia Pacific Rim, up to around the world. We believe that you will enjoy APSRC-2012, as well as Huangshan Mountain.




      Deadline for preliminary registration

Jun. 15, 2012

      Deadline for abstract

Jun. 15, 2012

      Notification of Abstract Acceptance

    Jul. 15, 2012

      Deadline for full paper

    Sept. 15, 2012

      Deadline for early bird registration

     Sept. 15, 2012

      Final confirmation of participation

   Oct. 10, 2012

      Request for hotel accommodation

   by Oct. 10, 2012

Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan is a historic and cultural city. Huangshan Mountain is one of ten best-known scenic spots in China, and located in southern part of Anhui province. The summit is at an altitude of 1864 meters, and characterized by four wonders, namely, odd-shaped pines, grotesque stones, seas of clouds and hot springs. Huangshan pines are seen in every corner. There are several airlines from cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hefei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Xiamen to Huangshan Tunxi Airport (IATA:TXN, ICAO: ZSTX)....


The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) was established in 1958 to meet the need of the nation, and its birth was regarded as a major event in the Chinese history of education and science. Since then, instead of going after fame and fortune, USTC has been firmly devoted to basic research and original innovation in order to cultivate talent and capacity for dealing with key issues in China's development of science and technology. ...